Welcome to our labor of love!

Cynthia & Aleigha (mom & daughter)
Just a mom and daughter who are slightly obsessed with fashion and second-hand finds. Hippie Hydrangea is an idea years in the making, that we felt the "nudge" to move forward with. Gods timing is everything ~ and here we are! We hope you find something that makes you smile, whether it be new, or new to you. Thank you for supporting our small business!
Why Hippie Hydrangea? Well, we believe we all have a little hippie in us, whether its a love of music, plants, flowy material or color.
Hydrangeas were beloved by the matriarch of our family, Betty aka Nana. She is the only person who could grow a hydrangea hedge in this Texas clay soil. We love hydrangeas and the lasting memories they provide so it was only fitting it become a part of our name. 

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